Medication Management

People experiencing chronic pain frequently use medications to reduce discomfort. The use of medications in treating chronic pain can be a helpful tool if managed well. However, long-term use of certain medications, including opioids, does little to solve the problem, and over time, these medications can lose their effectiveness. Even worse, long-term use of opioids and related medications, can result in negative side effects, including chronic constipation, changes in mood, dependence, addiction, and sometimes increased pain (called opioid-induced hyperalgesia).

At PRIDE, our physicians develop individualized medication plans for each patient. PRIDE physicians and staff help patients reduce their dependence on medications through effective rehabilitation and pain management skills training. Patients who complete the treatment program will leave with the medications and pain management tools needed to continue managing their pain effectively, so they can participate in the family, social, and work activities that are important to them.

PRIDE physicians are experts in the most effective and safe medications for managing chronic pain.