Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Individuals first participate in a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), directed by licensed physical and occupational therapists. The FCE process includes range-of-motion measurements of the affected body part(s), strength and lifting testing using our state-of-the-art Biodex equipment, various functional tests based on the individual’s work or home activities of daily living (ADL) demands, and aerobic capacity fitness assessment.

Our FCE uses validated and standardized measurements to compare an individual’s results (individualized by age, gender, height and weight) with a large normative database (what is considered normal for the majority of the population).

PRIDE’s FCE helps the physical and occupational therapists establish treatment goals and progress each patient safely and effectively through physical treatment to reach maximum physical performance.

Test results are provided to referring physicians, staff physicians, case managers, and participants.

Physical Therapy

physical_reconditioningPRIDE’s physical therapists (PTs) use the FCE results to create individualized exercise programs for each patient. A significant emphasis is placed on regaining flexibility through one-on-one therapist instruction and yoga-based stretch classes. Advanced exercise equipment is used for targeted muscle strengthening, with a specific focus on the injured or affected body parts.

PTs provide close supervision during all phases of treatment, to help patients reach their fitness and functional goals, and to ensure that their conditioning program is both safe and effective. They also provide educational instruction on specific pain control strategies for managing pain flare-ups.

PRIDE PTs help patients gradually improve:

  • maximum joint motion
  • muscle performance (strength, power, and endurance)
  • cardiovascular fitness levels
  • balance
  • coordination and core strength

Prior to the completion of the program, a thorough instruction in an individualized Home or Gym Fitness Maintenance Program is provided.

Occupational Therapy

activity_simulation3Occupational Therapy (OT) at PRIDE focuses on whole-body physical conditioning, with simulated functional tasks, designed to prepare patients with physical disabilities to successfully return to important activities of daily living, including work duties.

Using FCE results, OTs create individualized and unique therapeutic activities, to help patients regain physical conditioning and function, and successfully return to the activities that are important to them. Progression of each patient’s conditioning program is closely monitored for safety and patient ability.

PRIDE’s OTs have many areas of expertise, including hand therapies, orthotics, assistive devices, and pain control modalities.