Functional Restoration: What to Expect

What does a typical day in the PRIDE Functional Restoration program include?

Your day starts with a total body stretch class, where an exercise technician will guide you through a relaxing sequence of stretches to prepare you for your day ahead. You can stretch to your comfort and ability level. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and shoes that will allow you to stretch and exercise comfortably.

Your morning includes personalized workouts with your Physical Therapist (PT), Occupational Therapist (OT), and Exercise Technicians in both the PT and OT gyms.

At mid day, lunch will be provided during an educational class taught by our staff, followed by a Bodyworks class that focuses on keeping you active in fun and challenging ways.

You will participate in an early afternoon educational or exercise training class.

Finally, you will wrap up your day in the PT and OT gyms.

You will have the opportunity throughout your day to meet with your Psychology, Biofeedback, and Rehabilitation Counselors as needed.

As your program nears completion, we will work with you on a post-program fitness maintenance plan.

Who we serve

  • PRIDE serves individuals who can benefit from an interdisciplinary sports medicine approach to address chronic pain.
  • PRIDE is intended for patients with painful injuries or medical conditions that are preventing them from returning to full-duty work and/or are interfering with important activities of daily living.
  • PRIDE handles all pre-authorization requirements for our workers’ compensation patients and contacts private insurance carriers to determine benefit coverage for group health patients.
  • PRIDE offers assistance with workers compensation forms, department of labor forms, and insurance forms.
  • PRIDE does not discriminate or exclude patients based on Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Sexual Orientation or Culture.
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“What a team! The people at PRIDE worked with me every step of the way.”


“PRIDE taught me so much, especially the right way to stretch, lift and relearn the right way to move. It all came together for me!”


“The most beneficial part of the PRIDE rehabilitation plan for me was the exercise program that gave me the strength and support I needed.”


“I am so glad I went to PRIDE. It got me back to operating as normal as possible.”


“I am just thankful for the whole program. It got the job done.”


 “PRIDE helped me build my strength in my whole body. I needed this help desperately.”



“I never thought that learning the right way to stretch and work out could make such a difference!”


PRIDE Educational Classes

You will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of classes, covering important health, pain, and disability-related topics, including:
  • Anatomy and physiology related to pain and deconditioning
  • Nutrition for good health and weight loss
  • Pain-related medications, including opioids, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, hypnotics, and psychotropics
  • Specific exercise techniques, including core strengthening, posture, and use of a Swiss ball and therapeutic bands
  • The use of quantification in functional restoration and how it is used to guide progression of physical treatment
  • Workers compensation law
  • Concepts of stress, its relationship to pain, and management strategies
  • How negative thinking, emotions, and behaviors can contribute to stress, pain, and disability, and strategies for modifying those factors
  • Sleep education, including behavioral strategies for improving sleep success
  • Family dynamics and chronic pain
  • Assertiveness training

What can you look forward to upon completion and discharge from our program?

  • Significant improvements in function, which mean that you will be better able to resume activities that are important to you. This can include working at fully-duty, tackling physical challenges, playing with your kids/grandkids, mowing your lawn, working in your garden, cooking, or playing golf again. At PRIDE, we want to help you get your life life back!
  • Education on how to handle pain symptoms when they arise and a better understanding of the relationship between external factors in your life and pain so that you can better care for yourself.
  • Decreased long-term dependence on medications, medical procedures, and doctors. We want you to regain your independence!
  • An appropriate, effective, and individualized medication plan.
  • An individualized fitness maintenance program for continued success at home!

FAQ for Patients Traveling from out of the DFW area

What can I expect on my first visit?
On your first day here with us, you will start with a visit with your doctor. Please bring your paperwork, completely filled out, so that the nurse can review it with you. After your doctor’s visit, you will begin an evaluation process with the PRIDE staff. You will stay in town overnight and complete your evaluation the next day.
What do I wear or bring?
Since you will participate in a physical evaluation process, please wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. We also recommend that you bring a light sweatshirt or jacket in case you get chilled (even in the summer time). You can bring snacks, books, magazines, etc. We will provide lunch. We have secure lockers for your personal items. Also, please do not forget to bring your completed paperwork.
Where will I be staying?
PRIDE makes arrangement for you to stay at the Candlewood Suites Extended Stay, a convenient and quality hotel. Please see the enclosed information regarding Candlewood Suites (Special arrangements will be made for those already authorized for treatment). All of the hotel rooms have full kitchens, so you can bring some groceries for breakfast and dinner. We will provide lunch at PRIDE. Candlewood Suites also offers free high-speed Internet, gym, & guest laundry.
Will transportation be provided to and from the hotel to PRIDE?
Yes, the hotel has a shuttle bus that drops patients off in the morning and picks them up in the afternoons.
Will transportation be provided from the airport?
Yes, we will make arrangements to have you picked up from the airport. Our out-of-town patient coordinator will let you know the details. (If you find yourself in an emergency situation, please contact our PRIDE answering service at 972-260-9531 and they will contact a staff member who can help you).
I will be driving to PRIDE, can you help me with directions, parking, etc.
A map will be included in your new patient paperwork packet and is also posted on our website. You can also contact our Intake Coordinator at 214-389-6671 with any questions. She will be more than happy to help you.
Where will I eat?
The hotel will provide you with recommended restaurants in the area for breakfast and dinner. You can also prepare food in your hotel room. Candlewood Suites Extended Stay hotels have full kitchens for easy meal preparation. PRIDE provides lunch and free coffee service daily. We also have vending machines for your convenience.